Tips to keep mobile phone battery good

Assalamu Alaikum,

One of our favorite electronic devices is our smart phone, but is it enough that we are aware of it? The most important thing about our favorite Android mobile phone is battery I think. Because if this battery becomes anything, does not charge or breaks down a bit, then our phone will not be able to do anything.

So today I will share some tips to keep your mobile phone’s battery good, which will keep your mobile battery better. We do not have to do anything special to keep the phone’s battery good. It is possible to keep the battery’s battery very good to be used only to ensure proper use and to charge the battery properly.

Some Tips to Keep Mobile Phone Battery Well

1. Charging rules: Many of us are using the phone until the mobile phone charge is 0% PERCENT, but it is not okay to do so. After charging the charge of the mobile phone at the end of the mobile, the battery of the mobile phone is damaged and it will be noticed that if charging, after charging it will take a lot of time to reactivate.

In order to avoid damage to the mobile battery, please charge 20% of the mobile phone charge and 100% free from charges. Another thing to note is that mobile charges will not go down 0% if the phone is turned off by 0%, then it will be damaged after charging a lot of time in the battery.

2.Customer Charger Use: The charger that is provided with mobile phone while charging the mobile phone must use  the charger. Chargers will be charged on how much charge the phone company will charge for your phone’s battery. Again, the phone charger has forgotten that there is no other way than charging with other phone charger. It is a different matter, there is no way to charge at that time. But if you try to use your own charger at another time, you can keep cell phone battery better.

3. Battery heat: Many times when many mobile phones are charged, the battery is hot behind the charge, so if the phone back cover is charged when charging it will be charged less then the heating will be low. Again, if the phone is stopped by charging and the mobile phone is not in a closed place, the heat generated from the mobile phone battery will not be able to get out.

4. Use of Phone Charges: Many of us have a bad habit that uses mobile phone charging for the most harmful battery and phone. From my real experience, I was so addicted to online and in the phone world that when I was out of charge, there was no patience to charge and I used to charge it because of which my mobile phone battery was damaged early. Of course, do not use phone charging.

5. Once the battery is the   most important part of the mobile phone that the battery is damaged once you battery, then you will not get back up like an orginal if you do not buy the battery with the money from the market. The real example is that after consuming the battery of my phone I used to buy a lot of batteries, so do not be able to back up, so be careful about the time. If the phone’s battery is broken and you do not get a good battery, then you will have to go to the charge after a few seconds.

6. All the night is not charge: Many sleep during the night while sleeping in the mobile charge and the phone over charging becomes hot because even today, when the phones are charging 100% of the charges, the phone does not get hot. But the best way to keep the mobile phone in full charge all night.

7. Ways to Hold Charge: You can do a few things to keep the charge of the mobile,

  • Keeping the brightness of the mobile phone in the middle,
  • Uninstall many unnecessary applications,
  • You can stay away from the apps that are in the background, if left alone, then keep them.
  • These are non-locked applications that are locked and locked because of high doses of charges, compared to common lock.
  • Various types of Launcher apps can be avoided, and this also causes the extra charge losses.

8. Charger PIN: Charger pin can be broken into charging more charging pin while charging mobile phone charges. Again, using the phone in the charger pins, do not hurry to use the phone.

9. Fast Charging: If you do not have a fast charging system on your mobile phone, do not go for fast charging by anyone else, the phone will get very hot.

10. Except anything else, no matter what you do, the mobile phone battery will die once because every time the battery is charged, one part is reduced. But following the tips above, it’s going to be a bit more than what’s going to be.

Note:   I am not a technician or a mobileist or I am a student, I always try to share something new with you and share it with you and I share things you know so here some mistakes may be seen in the eyes of the forgiveness. Do not forget to post how the post has been posted. If you have a Facebook account with your Facebook ID, then comment on this post can be your feedback.

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