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Read a book. Plant a tree. Kill all zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is a game by PopCap in which you have to plant various species of flowers in your garden to keep the zombies at bay. Whether you're nailing them with Pea Shooters, blowing them up with Cherry Bombs or running them over with your lawn mower... those zombies don't stand a chance. Zombies are creeping on your lawn, and your garden is your last line of defense against these brain-crazy cannibals. You have some pretty peculiar (but useful) plants at your disposal, including pea shooters that spit green balls at the undead, hot tamales that burn everything in their path, and Venus zombie traps. By planting various seeds in strategic locations around your lawn you may be able to hold off the onslaught and keep them from entering your house and eating your brain. Adding to the game's charm is the cast of zombies, ranging from dancing Michael Jackson types straight out of the Thriller music video to aquatic zombies that ride dolphins (you have a pool in the backyard). The undead are amusingly animated, these aren't your gruesome Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil zombies. This is a zombie game for the whole family (who would say that?). But you’re not here to take pictures. You’re here to take them down! Collect suns (they fall from the sky) which can be used to build plants. Plants drop from the sky randomly, and you can also use sunflowers which will generate suns when they've matured. A twist: some levels take place at night, during which gamers must use mushrooms rather than suns, so that a whole new strategy is called for. There are six horizontal rows that serve as independent battlefields. Some plants can grow across rows, but it's best to mind each row individually. Like on a battlefield, units must be placed strategically rather than willy nilly. In case you've done a bad move strategically you can dig up a plant and replace it by another. FEATURES > 50 Fun-dead levels through day, night and fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop > THINK FAST, PLANT FASTER! Defend your home with 49 powerful perennials as you fight 26 types of fun-loving zombies including pole-vaulters, snorkelers and bucketheads > 4 GAME MODES including Dig Into Adventure, Puzzle Mode, 20 Mini-Games and the relaxing Zen Garden (100% zombie free!) > IN-GAME ACHIEVEMENTS! Earn 15 in-game achievements to prove your zombie-zapping prowess > PERUSE THE ALMANAC to learn about all the plants and zombies, including amusing “facts” and “quotes” (they will come handy in a tv quiz show, who knows?!) > MORE COOL FEATS: collect coins to buy a pet snail, special perks and more
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APK Name For Download : Plants Vs Zombies

Version : 3.0.3

Package : com.popcap.pvz

Size : 73.94 MB (77531870 bytes)

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Target : 4.0.x

CPU : armeabi

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Developer: Android
OU: Android
Organization: Android
Locality: Mountain View
State: California
Country: US

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Plants Vs Zombies 3.0.3 Download APK

Version : 3.0.3 (2020222222) Android 2.3.2+

Update On : 2019-11-29 18:30:54

Downloads : 72161

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